Signalino 8


Signalino 8: EEG, 32bits 8channels, biosignal amplifier device.


Digital signal: With its high dynamic resolution (24 bits, 0.05 uV) and sampling rate up to 1KHz, Signalino 8 is one of the most precise systems in its class. It offers a bandwidth of 0 to 125 Hz. The driver software integrates a bidirectional communication, ready to send data, and receive markers to/from external data sources through LSL, TCP or UDP triggers. All data is stored at sample precision with a configurable format. The flexible software and hardware enables the recording of accelerometer, gyroscope, luxometer, EMG, ECG and EEG in your configuration of interest.

Compatible EEG Data: Data recorded with Signalino 8 enriched with markers is stored in standard ASCII format, ready to be analized with standard or customized proprietary algoriths with EEGLab, Python, MatLab or standard file type readers.

Setup: The Signalino 8 hardware allows to create your own connectors. In addition, you can decide the desirable conguration and connector under demand in our store, making Signalino 8 more flexible, and enable the use of commercial headcaps, using dry, solidgel or gelbased electrodes.

Real Time Experiment: Signalino 8 with its driver is prepared to multiple Signalino 8 data acquisition and/or share data with external systems. Our tested synchronization approaches, including LSL, allows the compatibility with BCI2000, OpenVibe, PyEEG, and more. Perform ERP experiments, BCI or neurofeedback application, integrating physiological data.

Multiple EEG acquisition: Signalino 8 has a flexible driver fully native integrated with LabStreamLayer (LSL), “a system for the unied collection of measurement time series in research experiments”. With LSL you can perform a synchronized EEG study with multiple subjects and a common stimulus presentation, making Signalino 8 unique.

Driver: Signalino 8 includes our free, intuitive and powerful driver interface with versatile capabilities for configuration. It enables hardware conguration, sampling rate selection, external communication selection, as well as enable input trigger. Design your personalized device configuration through a flexible JSON file.



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